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Date: 14 Feb 2003

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<< But yes, I think that the ending of the movie Dead Calm was

"happy". >>

Miker, I agree with all you say about "Dead Calm," except perhaps that the film is "noir" to begin with. It is loaded with dread and forboding, but so are many other horror and action films. For my money, "Dead Calm" has the best kind of happy ending. The people we're pulling for: cleanse themselves of major demons, overcome a monstrous peril, and realize that what matters most is that they survive together. They are battered and violated, but they are the victors.
    The outstanding B&W Roman Polanski film "Knife in the Water" which preceeded "Dead Calm," and which may have provided inspiration for the story, has an ending that is far less triumphant, a couple who are much less content with each other or with what they have done, and a prognosis for anything better than a troubled future, uncertain at best. Now that one is noir.

                                    Jim Blue

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