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Date: 14 Feb 2003

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> Gruber's attitude toward his writing is interesting and
> instructive. There are plenty of writers who take
> themselves adn their work very seriously, and those are the
> ones who seem to make a name for themselves. Then there are
> others, like Gruber, who just love writing and are happy to
> make a little money at it, doing whatever comes to hand. I
> think I'm in that category. I think I'd have enjoyed
> writing for the pulps.
> Bill Crider

My sentiments, entirely, Bill, The latter-day solemnity towards early writers of thrillers and pulps is faintly comical. For the most part, they were freelancers who did it in a matter-of-fact way, without a shred of self-consciousness about any "social significance." Most took pride in being craftsmen, able to write a tale for pennies a word, at the drop of a hat. Or more aptly, at the nod from an editor. Several pulp writers recalled with pride being able to quickly hammer out a story or novelette just on the premise of the illustration designed for the front cover of next month's (or next week's) issue of the magazine. It was not unusual for a pulps editor to call in a writer, show him the art-board, and growl, "Here, bud, do me a story about this!" Talk about grasp of their genre!
-- Sidney.

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