RARA-AVIS: Dennis Lynds web site

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 25 Jan 2003

I don't think this has been mentioned on the list, but Dennis Lynds (who wrote as Michael Collins and many other names) has a web site:


He has up some short stories, a bibliography, some short essays about his writing and how he got started, ads for his books, etc.

From http://www.dennislynds.com/first20years.htm:

| When I began publishing detective novels in 1967 I had no
| idea I wasn't supposed to, or that I was helping start "a new golden
| age of the PI." That Gores, Pronzini, Block, Hansen, Lewin, Parker,
| Lyons, Greenleaf, and a host of others would come along a few years
| later. I didn't know that no newcomer had started a PI series since
| 1953, that PI stories were dead as a dodo, curiosities, period pieces.
| It had all been done. No one was writing anything worthwhile in the
| detective field. You couldn't do serious, contemporary work in the
| genre. Forget it.
| So why did I write Act Of Fear? Pure ignorance, and because I came to
| the detective novel not as a fan of the genre in general, but as a
| writer who liked what Hammett and Chandler had written, who saw a way to
| write some special books I wanted to write.


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