Date: 24 Nov 2002


Re yours and Brian's comments below:

> But I find nothing
> epic
> about his obsession with corruption, and
> *over*-emphasis on the profane.
> **********
> I see what you mean! The dirty, mean, corrupted
> streets of Los
> Angeles that Ellroy portrays are just some twisted
> personal fantasy
> of his, with no foundation in reality. In the real
> world cops
> are honest, racism doesn't exist, there's no
> poverty . . .

If you're going to arguewith somebody, deal with the issues he or she has raised. Brian never said corruption, racism, etc., didn't exist, and to suggest that he did as a way of showing the fallacy of his arguments is to fight unfairly.

What Brian implied, and it's a fair point, is that the TOTAL corruption Ellroy shows, in which there is NO character acting from good or noble purposes is at least as far from reality as a presentation that suggests that there is no brutality, corruption, or racism in the ranks of American law enforcement.

That said, Ellroy is, if not an elegant writer, an extraordinarily powerful one, deserving of all the attention (if, not necessarily, all the acclaim) he receives.

As to the question of the best "non-historicals," I'd say the Lloyd Hopkins trilogy, about a contemporary LAPD homicide detective, of which the best is probably the third, SUICIDE HILL.


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