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Date: 24 Nov 2002

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> A favorite Nebel hero of mine is Donny Donahue, who appears in "The Black
> Mask Boys" collection compiled by William F. Nolan. According to the bio,
> Nebel created Donahue for Joe Shaw after the success of Sam Spade. Shaw
> wanted more Spade stories, but Hammett had moved on to Hollywood and
> to provide them. (So there.) Donahue is spare and terse, but well worth
> time. I've never seen any Donahue story beyond this collection, so I don't
> know if there are more out there. I may start flipping through my
> anthologies again.
> Hugh Lessig

I think I've read a few of the Donohue stories and liked them, too. Nebel's entry in Goulart's THE HARDBOILED DICKS is a Kennedy and MacBride story, Kennedy being a reporter and MacBride a police captain (I think--it could've been the other way around). Nebel must have stories in Shaw's THE HARDBOILED OMNIBUS and the anthology edited by Herbert Ruhm (can't remember the title) but for the life of me I can't find either volume right now so I don't know if they're Donohue stories or not. When Dime Detective began luring away Black Mask's writers in the early Thirties with the promise of an extra cent a word, one of the requirements was that their series characters had to be exclusive to Dime Detective. That's why Nebel created Cardigan instead of moving Donohue over from Black Mask.


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