From: Michael Robison (
Date: 20 Nov 2002

William Denton
> I think I'll do the same thing. There's no mention of "The Simple Art of
> Murder," so I wonder if it's left out. It's in the Library of America
> books. I'll post a contents listing when I get the book, if no-one else
> does or finds one. I'm annoyed someone hasn't collected everything all in
> one book, but at least there's uncollected stuff getting into print.

************ I think you're talking about that big fat book of Chandler's collected stories. Just in the last couple weeks I've noticed a huge increase in the Chandler selection at Borders bookstore. And I mean huge... It looks like almost every book is in print now and this is in addition to the collected stories and novels.

You wanna hear what I heard from the lady at the used book store? She told me that the reprint market is so big nowadays because it allows publishers to avoid the premium on a new author.


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