RE: RARA-AVIS: Seriously about Don Pendleton now

From: Doug Bassett (
Date: 17 Nov 2002

--- Robison Michael R CNIN <> wrote:
> Thanks James and Doug, for your comments on
> Pendleton. I wish I could have got
> one of
> the very early ones to read, but #37 was the best I
> could
> do here locally, and buying from Abebooks almost
> guaratees
> a $4 shipping charge in addition to the cost of the
> book,
> so 75 cents sounded like a bargain.

Of course it depends where you live, but it's not hard to find Pendleton in thrift stores and the like. Check your local Salvation Army, for instance.

Executioner novels sometimes come up on ebay, too.

> And noting your comment on Pendleton being camp,
> Doug:
> In some of this older stuff, it's hard to tell where
> the
> seriousness leaves off and the camp begins. Out of
> the
> last six books I've read, two were outright accused
> of being
> jokes: Vian's I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE and Hallas's YOU
> working my
> way through Bellem's HIGH ADVENTURES #60 collection,
> and
> although I absolutely love them, it's pretty darned
> hard to
> take them seriously.
> miker

I haven't read the Vian or Bellem, but I've read PLAY THE BLACK. I know it was intended to be a kind of a put-on, but I think that novel can be appreciated straightforwardly.

THE EXECUTIONER series wasn't *intended* to be a put-on -- indeed, the early books, at least, take themselves very seriously -- but IMO it's hard to read them nowadays as anything else BUT an unintentional joke.

Once you get to it you'll see what I mean. :)


===== Doug Bassett

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