From: Robison Michael R CNIN (
Date: 04 Nov 2002

Jim Doherty wrote: This was perhaps a consequence of its first appearing as a serial in BLACK MASK. In fact, if memory serves, the serial installments were (as with RED HARVEST, THE DAIN CURSE, and a number of other novels that first appeared in BLACK MASK) writeen so that each could stand on its own as a short story, which may have necessitated "summing up" scenes in each installment to clue readers in to the fact that the supposedly
"autonomous" stories were part of a larger whole.

*********** I'll bet that's right. If that's the case he did a good job with it. Other books pieced together out of short stories sometimes have a tendency to be episodic. Hemingway's TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT and Gores's CASES come to mind. Whitfield might do more rehashing than I thought necessary, but the continuity was there.


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