From: Robison Michael R CNIN (
Date: 04 Nov 2002

Mario wrote about GREEN ICE: The personal element makes this a noir novel, as different from the Hammett style as it was possible to be then (and still be a Black Masker).

To me, Green Ice is a masterpiece of hardboiled noir.

I think that the similarities between Hammett and Whitfield are mostly superficial. Very different writers.

*************** I went back thru the FALCON and I see what you mean about Hammett being different from Whitfield. However, I question the personal element as being the significant factor in your decision to give GREEN ICE the noir tag and exclude Hammett's MALTESE FALCON. Well now, that sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? If it's your decision you are obviously gonna base it on your thinking.

But here's what I'm saying... When you speak of Whitfield's personal element, I assume that you mean "personal" as opposed to what everybody has kindly pointed out to me: Hammett's direct way of writing which gives a straight description based on observable actions, with no internal monologues or thinking revealed. But it seems to me that Hammett's impersonal style could be adequately applied to a noir piece. The real noir element that is missing is the carefully nurtured environment of sweat, fear, and desperation.

Anybody buying this? I got some beautiful oceanfront property right east of Miami for sale at a great price. ;-)

********* On another topic: I ordered several back issues of Crime Time, including the one with Woody's article on Anderson. I'm excited about getting them. It looks like a really nice magazine, catering to the hardboiled and noir crowd.


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