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From: Luci Davin (
Date: 16 Sep 2002

I've heard some people suggest that this is the weakest in the series, which starts with China Trade (Lydia) and Concourse (Bill). I've only read the first two and enjoyed China Trade and thought Concourse was excellent. I was, oddly, more impressed with a reread for China Trade, needed in order to prepare questions for a group read discussion on another list, than I was the first time.


S.J. Rozan: Mandarin Plaid (1996)

This the first book I've read by Rozan and I was looking forward to it. Can't say I've been bitten by the bug, although I did enjoy it. Someone was saying that Lydia Chin just seems rather whiney. She has certain propensities that are reinforced over and over. I don't know how many times she flushed red with anger or embarrassment. Her relationships with her mother and brother are explained far too often. Plus, she and her
"sometimes" partner, Bill, are obviously attracted to one another, but it's strictly business, except for the frequent almost-love talk. If she just wants a professional relationship, why the almost daily admissions of attraction?

The case, involving stolen sketches of fashion designs that the owner doesn't actually need back, is rather odd. In fact, its very oddness is probably a tipoff, only I didn't notice. Anyway, Lydia manages to solve it with Bill's help. It will be interesting to read another in the series written from Bill's point of view.


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