From: Robison Michael R CNIN ( Robison_M@crane.navy.mil)
Date: 13 Sep 2002

I found some of Rinehart's works readable online. I read part of THE BAT. Rinehart's style (at least what I read) is awkward. This from THE BAT:

"Rat-faced gunmen in the dingy back rooms of saloons muttered over his exploits with bated breath. In tawdrily gorgeous apartments, where gathered the larger figures, the proconsuls of the world of crime, cold, conscienceless brains dissected the work of a colder and swifter brain than theirs, with suave and bitter envy. Evil's Four Hundred chattered, discussed, debated - sent out a thousand invisible tentacles to clutch at a shadow - to turn this shadow and its distorted genius to their own ends. The tentacles recoiled, baffled - the Bat worked alone - not even Evil's Four Hundred could bend him into a willing instrument to execute another's plan.

It sounds hardboiled, but I can't place the style... Is it some unholy marriage of Poe and Hammett? Scary.


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