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Date: 13 Sep 2002

Mark said: Didn't Rinehart write The Lodger? Wasn't that gothic?

********* I'm not sure, Mark. Is that a story or a novel? I don't see it listed in her bibliography, but the stories are only named by collection, not by individual titles. Here's the link:

I have heard that her 1908 WINDOW IN THE WHITE CAT is a possible precursor to the hardboiled genre. She wrote a bunch of stuff, over more than a 40 year span. More of THE BAT:
***************************** It was the greatest moment of Miss Cornelia's life. She smiled sweetly and came toward the Bat as if the pistol aimed at her heart were as innocuous as a toothbrush.

"Why?" she queried mildly. "I took the bullets out of that revolver two hours ago.

The Bat flung the revolver toward her with a curse. The real Anderson instantly snatched up the gun that Bailey had dropped and covered the Bat.

"Don't move!" he warned, "or I'll fill you full of lead!" He smiled out of the corner of his mouth at Miss Cornelia who was primly picking up the revolver that the Bat had flung at her - her own revolver.

"You see - you never know what a woman will do," he continued. Miss Cornelia smiled. She broke open the revolver, five loaded shells fell from it to the floor. The Bat stared at her - then stared incredulously at the bullets.

"You see," she said, "I, too, have a little imagination!"


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