Re: RARA-AVIS: Renting videos

Date: 08 Sep 2002

I might have an even better deal for you on renting movies. My husband and I recently bought our first DVD player and a friend steered us to

Their base package is $19.95 a month. For that, they ship you three DVDs. You set up a queue of movies you want to see, and every time you return a DVD, they ship another one. It's set up so you're never without a movie. If you watch a lot, and want a first shipment of four, it's $24.95. There are also bigger packages. There is no limit on how long you can keep each DVD ... none at all ... and you ship them back in *prepaid* mailers. They foot the bill. There also is no limit on how many movies you can rent a month. They send them out as fast as you send them back. The trick is keeping your queue full. If you try to quit, they offer you a two-movie-at-a-time deal for $13.95. They have every title ever committed to DVD, about 12,000. And people who have been with them longer than I say they are rarely, if ever, made to wait for a title. Check it out.

Best, Jean Heller

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