RARA-AVIS: What about Dorothy Hughes ?

From: Robison Michael R CNIN ( Robison_M@crane.navy.mil)
Date: 04 Sep 2002

MrT wrote: Miker: That list contains a lot of good material. The early books by Ross Macdonald are excellent, as are the two Nelson Algren titles. Vera Caspary's _Laura_ is a gothic noir classic, worth reading even if you've seen the movie.

If you like P.I. novels, I would also recommend Howard Browne's Paul Pine novels and the eccentric divertimentos of Norbert Davis, especially _The Mouse in the Mountain_.

Gault's _Don't Cry for Me_ is another fine book from the era, as is Norman Mailer's ultrahardboiled novel _The Naked and the Dead_.

********* Thanks, Mario. I'm nervous about it but I bought Craig Rice's TRIAL BY FURY. I've read conflicting reports about the quality of her writing. I'll look for Caspary's LAURA. And thanks also for the Howard Browne and Norbert Davis suggestions. I've seen Davis's name a few times on the list, I think.

I read some reviews of Mailer's THE NAKED AND THE DEAD, and it looks impressive. I've read one or two things by him but its been too long and I can't name them. One thing that amuses me is a recent phobia that I've somehow seemed to pick up. After going thru a lot of old hardboiled and noir that are thin volumes, I've developed a fear of anything over 400 pages long. I was in Borders bookstore here recently and I picked up John Connolly's new paperback, and when I seen it was 500 pages (600?), my hands started shaking and I developed shortness of breath. I put the book down and moved on. I have to laugh about that because a couple years ago I had no qualms about reading siege-style science fiction epics or James Ellroy novels.

What about Dorothy B. Hughes? Is the SO BLUE MARBLE a good one? I've heard that RIDE A PINK HORSE is her best effort but that it's a bit surrealistic, and I'm not hot on that at all. Are her novels hardboiled or not?

Thanks again, miker

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