RARA-AVIS: The Only Gold Medals In My House

From: Mrriter@aol.com
Date: 06 Aug 2002

I looked over my shelves and found these five GMs:

Death for Mr. Big, John Gonzales 204 Assignment - Carlotta Cortez, Edward S. Aarons 834 Nothing In Her Way, Charles Williams k1289 The Quick Red Fox, John D. MacDonald d1610 Pure Sweet Hell, Malcolm Douglas 972

I've read only the Williams book, which, as I recall, is a complicated pay-back caper featuring "the most fascinating confidence woman in modern suspense fiction." I remember that it held my attention while I read it but now I can't dig up any details.

The only other comment about these books that I have is that the women on the covers of The Quick Red Fox and Pure Sweet Hell have a lot in common--a healthy dose of cleavage, tight capri pants (I think that's what they were called), high heels, and they both are sitting spread-eagled in a very unladylike pose.

Anybody have something more meaningful to say about these, or maybe a recommendation about which one(s) I really should read this month?

Manuel Ramos MOONY'S ROAD TO HELL, September, 2002 www.manuelramos.com

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