RARA-AVIS: Re: Gold Medal: JDM's The Beach Girls

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 05 Aug 2002

This is a pretty good one, in the same vein as THE DAMNED as mentioned and many other JDMs, with a bunch of people closing in on a burst of emotion and violence. Here it's people living in houseboats on a pier at Elihu Beach, Florida. There's the criminal womanizer, the "ugly" girl with a heart of gold, the slut who's already a whore but whose husband doesn't know it, the old fellow who doesn't want to settle down like his daughters want him to, the tough dame running the place, the soulless businessmen who want to buy her out, a couple of old salts who charter their boats and the good guy who let himself go but gets back in shape because he has a redemptive job to do. That last guy is the stranger who disrupts the circle of friends and helps set things going that make a big party end in
... murder.

As with THE DAMNED some of the back stories are hokey but I really like these stories where JDM gets a group of people together and puts them in a vise. He's very good at handling the large group of characters, too. He'll throw them all at you right at the start, which can be confusing, but you'll soon get them sorted out.


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