RARA-AVIS: Gold Medal: JDM's The Beach Girls

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 03 Aug 2002

First off, thanks to Mr. Crider for the excellent history.

I'm reading John D. MacDonald's THE BEACH GIRLS (1959), which has been mentioned before as a book with different chapters from different points of view (as is THE PRICE OF MURDER and another one I read recently). It was also mentioned that the last sentence of each paragraph tails off and is picked up at the start of the next, by the next person.

This edition is d1590, but on the big Gold Medal site [1] I see it was also #s907, #1318, #d1895, #r2242, #t2604, #13262. Did they assign new numbers to reprints? My edition must be post-1965 because it says six Travis McGee books are out. The cover is almost the same as shown on the web site, but the title has been shifted around and a quote from Anthony Boucher and the line "Under the bright Florida sun, six willing girls would find love, one sinister man would find death" were added.

I've just started it, but I'll give a summary when I'm done. I'll also be tackling a Bruno Fischer book (my first, though I own three or four), and a Shell Scott mystery from Richard Prather.


[1] http://goldmed.virtualave.net/macdona3.htm

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