Re: RARA-AVIS: Gold Medal question

Date: 03 Aug 2002

> Gold Medal are still around, or were last time I checked
> but they were bought out some time ago, I believe. IIRC,
> they are now owned by the people who own Ballantine (& no
> doubt a whole lot of other stuff).
> Rene

Rene is correct. A little personal history here, begging your pardon, sirs. A book of mine called BLOOD MARKS was bought for reprint by Ballantine, etc. Before it was published I met one of the editors there and told him about my Gold Medal collection. Would you believe that even the publishers don't have a complete run of those GM titles? Well, it's true. The editor later called me when Marvin H. Albert was looking for a copy of one of his books (even the author didn't have a copy!). I did. But I didn't send it to him. I photocopied it. But I digress. Back to that editor. When he found out about my GM collection and my admiration for those books, he asked if I'd like to have BLOOD MARKS come out as a Gold Medal Book even though it was a reprint. How could I say no? That's one of the nicest things an editor ever did for me.

Bill Crider

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