RARA-AVIS: life's too short to read bad books

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Date: 31 Jul 2002

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<< I just finished Pearson's _Parallel Lies_ , it's my first by him. I wasn't impressed--it seemed formulaic, as if he had a movie treatment in mind. Pearson is a friend of mine's favorite author. Is this book typical of him, or did I just pick a bad one to start on? >>

I once tried to read The Angel Maker. Couldn't.

Recently I touted the late Marcel Montecito, as I had finally picked up his last book Sacred Heart off my pile. Unfortunately, it never involved me, seemed false and contrived. It was a period piece, set in the 20's, which I certainly don't have a problem with. But instead of truly feeling like an evocation of the era, it read like a bad Jimmy Cagney movie. Gave it over a hundred pages to be fair, but enough's enough.

So I cracked open Bad Boy Brawly Brown. What a beautiful and clean prose style Mosley has. Always been a fan of Easy Rawlins. I even liked Gone Fishin'.

And I have to say that I'm in awe of miker's tenacity in pursuing his goal. Wish I had that much time to read on my hands.

John Lau

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