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From: Rene Ribic ( rribic@optusnet.com.au)
Date: 28 Jul 2002

Marianne wrote:

>Elizabethan and Jacobean playwrights were familiar >often at second
hand with the classical sources, but >not especially with the sociological and philosophical >background of what they found there. You are >quoting a purely Tudor piece of dialogue - and my
>prettyfarofftopic response should be read with the >footnote that I'll
shut up on this one now.

I just tossed that quote in to show that if I was a neurotic at least I was in good company, not as proof that Achilles was a poof. I would have preferred to quote from Aeschylus' trilogy of plays about Achilles but unfortunately I wasn't able to locate a copy. I did find this tidbit on the web yesterday:

> Aeschylus made Achilles the older lover and teacher of Patroclus.
Plutarch and Athenaeus state that after >Patroclus' death Achilles looked down upon his >naked lover's body and talk of the "coitus of his
>thighs". "You have no reverence for the holiness of >thighs, ungrateful
>after all our kisses." Source - 1

Of course, it came from a "gay" website, so Anthony, for one, will automatically discredit it but I personally found no evidence that the other information on the site
(http://gsaglobal.net/theoutlife/encyclopedia/a.html) was inaccurate. I also came across a Nation of Islam website that claimed that Othello was black but I don't want to buy into that level of controversy. By the way, Marianne, although we appear to be disagreeing re: Greeks & homosexuality, I think it's just a semantic confusion arising from my necessarily imprecise use of the term "homosexual". The Greeks had a pragmatic attitude & tolerance towards homosexual acts, it's just men who loved other grown men they looked down upon. If this kind of masculine double-think seems hard to comprehend just pick up a video of just about any prison flick made in the last 30 years or just about any book by Edward Bunker.


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