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From: Robison Michael R CNIN (
Date: 16 Jul 2002

MrT said: I can just imagine how Joyce's _Ulysses_ or Hemingway's
_The Sun Also Rises_, or Philip Wylie's _Opus 21_ would have fared with the spontaneous reviewers of Amazon... On the other hand, if James Lee Burke says a book is good, that's worth something. He knows good writing.

No, I'm not going to check out Selby's Amazon ratings...


well, there wasn't exactly a quote from burke saying the book was a good one. it just said that his writing was reminiscent of burke's writing.

and since you bring it up, i've often wondered about the sincerity of famous authors' endorsements on other authors' book covers. i can't see them stepping up to the plate for a truly terrible book, but yet sometimes i've seen praise that looked rather, uh... conserva- tively worded?

on selby: i had never heard of selby until you guys started the thread. and last night i was reading what shaw says about cain's _postman_ in _the modern american novel of violence, when i noticed selby is one of the authors shaw discusses.

somebody recommended a selby site, and i checked it out, and my interest was growing throughout the article. that is, until it got to the end of the article and it compared him to peter mathiesson and philip roth. that sorta put a damper on things... i've read mathiesson's
_snow leopard_, and a couple by roth.


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