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From: Etienne Borgers (
Date: 13 Jul 2002

At 19:44 12-07-02 -0400, Mark Sullivan wrote:
>All of this movie talk made me think about novelizations. We often talk
>about books converted into movies, but are there any movies converted
>into books that are worth reading? For instance, I have seen good
>things said about Timothy Harris's Heatwave (I've read his Thomas Kyd
>books, but not this). I've never seen or heard of the movie it was
>based on, but according to the cover of the book, it was a novelizaion
>of a script.

HEATWAVE (1979) is Timothy Harris' best novel, a real must read. Set in the recent past and with Bobby Paradise as central character. As far as I know, the script, first produced by Harris, never was used for a film in the USA. So he decided to make a novel based on it. Finally, in 1983, there was an Australian film with the same title and based on Harris' story- but I never saw it.

He later devoted all his time as screenwriter for Hollywood, rather disenchanted by the "publishers' world" as he explained during some interview at the time. However none of the films he scripted then were of real value, and none real crime-mystery movies. He uses also a pseudo: Hyde Harris

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