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From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 03 Jul 2002

> I'm curious about the blurb now, Rene. Did they attribute the Ellroy's
> statement on the cover to SHOOTERS or ANGRY MOON? Is this the American
> publication or a foreign one? I hope the blurb wasn't misleading. (Not
> the publishers ever mind.)
> TL
Sitting here with the book in front of me, it quite clearly attributes the quote to SHOOTERS, if you actually begin to read the quotes you see, in larger type, : "Praise for Terrill Lankford's SHOOTERS". Followed by an impressive array of quotes including at least four superstar authors of the genre, aside from Ellroy, guys like Parker, Connelly & Petievich. Oh & there's another blurb by Ed Bunker in the inside front leaf of the dustjacket. Wow. No wonder Hollywood came knocking. Pardon my ignorance, you may/probably have written about it before but how did the film of SHOOTERS go? Has it been made & are you happy with the result? I think the edition I have is the US first edition, Forge, 1997, assuming I've interpreted the info. correctly.I wouldn't describe the blurbs as misleading, no more than standard practices allow. Once you're actually reading the blurbs, if you haven't already noticed, it's obvious they refer to SHOOTERS. (So, again, my faulty memory is at issue here. All my e-mails should carry a banner proclaiming: "Warning: All assertions & matters of fact stated are to be considered only approximately correct and may involve a fallibility factor of up to 100%". Or somesuch)


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