Re: RARA-AVIS: Selective Censorship?

From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 22 Jun 2002

It's interesting how trends in censorship can change in just a few years or from state to state or country to country (even ones such as the Western societies that share basically the same culture). A little while ago somebody mentioned the TV shows 'TILL DEATH DO US PART & ALL IN THE FAMILY. In Australia we had KINGSWOOD COUNTRY (by far the worst program of the 3). In the Australian version the son-in-law was Greek/Australian
& all the jokes revolved around Dad using racially denigrating terms such as "wog" & "dago". I saw the show repeated in an afternoon slot a couple of years ago & all the racial epithets were bleeped (there were so many bleeps I wondered if young kids who were watching had any idea what was going on). What struck me was that when the show came out, 20 or so years ago, you would never of heard a swear word on TV & now it's so common we're used to it even from US TV shows (it took the US a little while to catch up with us & the UK in that respect). Similarly, our censorship mores are different to the US - the US still seems to be most preoccupied with sex; in Australia the issue is generally violence
& in particular sexual violence such as rape & sado-masochistic type material. IMO, a slightly more sensible approach to censorship but I prefer to be allowed to chose my own viewing or reading. Personally, I'm against all censorship except in cases such as child pornography & bestiality and in those cases the issues are much wider than just freedom of speech. Pardon the expression but I don't believe anyone has the right to fuck with my head. As the Gay Lib badges of my adolescence used to say, "Keep your filthy laws off my body" - I'd extend that to my brain, as well.


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