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From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 29 May 2002

Miker wrote:

> al mentions new orion reprint series:
> darn! thats a bummer! a lotta that stuff, like
> thompson's, macdonald's, and hammett's books, are
> already in print. i wish they'd bail on those and
> print some that i can't find in print, like charles
> williams, carroll john daly, peter rabe, and derek
> raymond, to name a few.
> miker
This is something I've found rather frustrating - although it's great to see this stuff in print, why do they always seem to reprint stuff that's either hardly ever been out of print (e.g. Hammett) or stuff that's been reprinted several times in recent years. Out of the books in the Orion list that are of personal interest to me, only one of them (NIGHTWEBS by Woolrich) is a title that I couldn't probably go out & pick up a copy of today. On a positive note, I vaguely recall that there are plans to reissue the Derek Raymond novels & one of the Gorman or Pronzini anthologies, I can't recall which, sorry, reprints Peter Rabe's THE BOX in it's entirety. THE BOX is probably the best Rabe novel I've read & he's an author I like a lot. (Rabe was an early influence on Donald Westlake, as evidenced by Westlake's first novel, THE MERCENARIES & his article on Rabe in MURDER OFF THE RACK. THE MERCENARIES is also a recommended read, by the way.)


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