Re: RARA-AVIS: Biker Wars

From: Joy Matkowski (
Date: 29 May 2002

There isn't any age limit on riding a motorcycle, MrT, but there is an age limit on paid hand-to-hand combat. The average enlisted military person is 20 and out; police vary by their retirement plans, but anybody in after 30 years has been doing deskwork for a while; even golfers and racecar drivers are over the hill at 40. Your physical prime is behind you at 40. These biker combatants were all in their 50s and 60s.
    I found my early 30s rather depressing. Every birthday, I became ineligible for something else: marines, city police, FBI, state police. Not that I ever aspired to join, but still--the sound of all those doors closing!
    (I'll also note that kids had a whole lot less money when today's 60-year-old was 18, that there's more absentee parenting today, etc.)

    Joy, who did see in the newspaper today that a 50-something history associate professor in Pittsburgh shot a cop in the chest at point-blank range but the cop was wearing body armor, so maybe she oughta be more circumspect in whom she considers dangerous

Mario Taboada <> said:
> Joy:
> <<When I was a kid, young men in their twenties wore
> leather
> jackets, ducktailed their hair, and rode motorcycles. I
> assumed that, like police, gogo dancers, and marines,
> 18-year-olds were forever signing up>>
> Good motorcycles are expensive. Also, a lot of parents fear
> that their kids will get killed.
> <<and 40-year-olds were retiring or doing desk
> jobs--constant
> turnover.>>
> You want to retire guys in their prime? That happens on
> television. Besides, bikers are loyal to their calling
> (like deadheadism, it's more than a hobby).
> <<Instead, it seems, at least around Philadelphia, no one
> enlisted after 1970 or so, and all these guys in the
> clutches of degenerative diseases>>
> OK. I'll introduce you to some bikers. Seriously, why do
> you think there's a retirement age for riding a motorcycle?
> There isn't for any other kind of riding...
> <<are inventing wars and taking sides like
> testosterone-crazed teenagers. Maybe I'm an ageist.>>
> The de rigueur question is de rigueur not asked (because
> noblesse oblige), cough, cough, tap microphone.

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