RARA-AVIS: Re: 1st and 3rd

From: Jack Jones ( spynovelfan@yahoo.co.uk)
Date: 27 May 2002

Joseph Hone wrote some brilliant spy thrillers in the 70s and early 80s featuring an agent called Peter Marlow: The Sixth Directorate starts in third person and, when Marlow has been plucked from prison as the sucker to take the mission, the novel "proper" begins, from his perspective. It's done very well. I'm reading another novel of his at the moment, The Valley of The Fox, which is more hard-boiled. It takes Geoffrey Household's Rogue Male as a model: Marlow's former bosses come to his house in the Cotswolds to kill him, and he has to survive in the surrounding countryside. So far, it's very good indeed.

The slightly predictable Jeremy, who has found it much harder to read third person novels since discovering Adam Hall's Quiller series.

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