RARA-AVIS: Bill James

From: Mbdlevin@aol.com
Date: 15 May 2002

MrT writes:

<< I just finished _Gospel_, an outstanding hardboiled police
 procedural by Bill James. This book is unlike any other
 procedural I've read. It seems that James has invented
 something new. It's an unlikely cross between the toughness
 of George Higgins and the traditional English procedural
 with inspectors, but even that doesn't describe the
 If this book is typical of his work, James deserves urgent

I went on a Bill James reading jag a while ago, and would second the above statement. What I read was bizarre, compelling and original. Some of the dialogue is priceless. Desmond Iles of the later books is some sort of police procedural version of Richard III. James, I think, has a new spy novel of some sort out. Readers unfamiliar with Bill James (a pseudonym for James something...Tucker) might want to read him for the British crime fiction month. Doug

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