RARA-AVIS: Anthony Award Nominations

From: JIM DOHERTY ( jimdohertyjr@yahoo.com)
Date: 13 May 2002

Yesterday I mentioned a book called OPEN SEASON by C.J. Box, and Edgar nominee for first novel, which I suggested as something you should think about nominating int hat category if you were going to Bouchercon this Fall.

I'd like to mention several other books that I think are deserving of nominations. If you're going, the nominating ballat has to be in by the end of May. You're allowed to nominate up to five in each category. If you're going, and you've already got your five picked out in each category, skip the rest of this post, but, if not, I'd appreciate it if you'd give these suggestions some consideration.


It's from a small publisher (Five Star), and consequently likley to be overlooked. The book's very good, and Jan's a great lady, through her Austin bookstore, has been a great friend of the genre. Plus, I have to admit, the idea of a local Austin writer getting nominated for a book set in Austin at a convention held in Austin has an attractive resonance.

P.B.O. NOVEL: I'd like to suggest two more books from a small publisher, Design Image.

The first is THE BIG SWITCH by our own Jack Bludis, a dandy period PI novel set in 1950s Hollywood.

The second is AND FELSH AND BLOOD SO CHEAP by Wayne Dundee, the welcome return of Rockford, IL, private eye Joe Hannibal.

Again, the small publisher would keep this from getting noticed.

NON-FICTION: It's no surprise to most of you, I'm sure, that I'm a big fan of the original DRAGNET, the grand-daddy of all police procedurals in every medium. If you've got space on your ballot, I'd like to suggest Michael Hayde's exhaustive and entertaining history of the series, MY NAME'S FRIDAY. It was an Edgar nominee in the Critical/Biographical category, but since its subject matter is a TV show, and a hard-boiled one at that, I'm afraid the fan base that makes up most Bouchercon attendees will probably overlook this one, and it really deserves a nomination.

Thanks for bearing with this lobbying effort.



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