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Date: 09 May 2002

Ah. Despite Hammett publishing (shortly) before Hemingway...though not, somehow, Clemens...Thanks. TM

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> Whom aside from Mailer (I'm guessing) was cited as an HB
> offspring of Papa H? Nelson Algren? TM

The article's by Sheldon Norman Grebstein, and his thesis is that Hemingway "fathered the hard-boiled heroes who populate the tough-guy novels of the Thirties and after....As Philip Young and others have said, from Hemingway's novels were derived the manner, world view, and the qualities of character which defined the tough guy."

As you can see, we've discussed this fairly recently.

Here's another quotation that some of you will appreciate:
"As Richard Bridgman has recently demonstrated in his book The Colloquial Style in America, the tough style is a form of colloquial style which descends most directly from Mark Twain."

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