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From: Anthony Dauer (
Date: 28 Apr 2002

At best there's a co-credit. The stories come from here, the actors come from here, etc. Direction is only one part of it. Did directors do that back then? Today, it's the art director that's responsible for the atmosphere/look.

If influence is going to be enough for credit we're going to have to go back before film existed to find the source.

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Yes but the directors most responsible for what came to be known as the "noir" look - night for night shooting, expressionistic use of shadows, wet pavements, low key lighting etc etc were the Eastern & Central European directors who brought many of these things over from places like Germany's UFA studios - Wilder, Lang, etc and even Hitchcok had served some of his apprenticeship at the UFA studios; and probably even more responsible for the look would be the European cinematographers such as John Alton.

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