RE: RARA-AVIS: The 111 (James Bond)

From: Anderson, Erick (ETW) (
Date: 24 Apr 2002

> Hi George --
> I've read all the Flemings and several of the Gardner's. I would endorse
> the previous advice, to stay away from all but the first couple of
> Gardner's, and don't expect them to seamlessly mesh with the Flemings. I
> would definitely read Fleming first. I didn't read Fleming's books in
> order the first time, and it didn't really harm my enjoyment, but there
> are occasional references to prior cases that would be non-sequitar if you
> hadn't read them. I think it was after Sean Connery came back to make
> Diamonds Are Forever, that the scripters started playing fast and loose
> with the plots, picking from here and there among the novels and short
> stories to concoct the succeeding scripts, so more than likely you are
> correct in seeing aspects of Moonraker in Goldeneye. I've found them to be
> very enjoyable, and hope you will, too.
        Best Regards, Erick


> Anyway, are these novels best read in order? Do the > post-Flemming authors measure up? I would expect > later authors, knowing what kind of franchise they > were writing for, would tend to write novels more > easily converted to scripts--yes or no? > > G. > > > >
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