RARA-AVIS: Recent Buys

From: T.Kent Morgan ( tkmorgan@shaw.ca)
Date: 23 Apr 2002

Winnipeg's annual Children's Hospital Book Market started last Thursday and runs until Saturday. It is usually a great place to find old PBs priced at
.35 if condition isn't a major concern. Unfortunately, this year the Guild that runs the market relocated its dropoff and pricing depot over the summer so lost about three months of pricing and the number of books for sale is down. The sale attracts dealers from the Upper Midwest and several provinces, but there was no sign of several major dealers this year.

Finished The Shattered Raven by Edward D. Hoch last night. It's a PBO from 1969 about a murder at the Mystery Writers of America Edgar Awards Banquet. Many real authors are mentioned, but the main character is the MWA vice-president who became a PI after writing a couple of novels. Not hard boiled.

Along with some Macdonalds, Stouts and Shaynes, I found the following so let's hear if they are worth reading.

Hit and Run - Richard Deming - Priority (no date) Dial M For Money - Donald Taggart - Gold Medal 1972 The Art Studio Murders - Edward S. Aarons - Macfadden 1964 Get Garrity - Allan Nixon - Avon 1969 I Found Him Dead - Gale Gallagher - Collier 1962

Kent Morgan in Winnipeg

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