RARA-AVIS: willeford goes hollywood

From: Buzz ( BuzzMeeks@attbi.com)
Date: 17 Apr 2002

From today's Variety:

Curtis Hanson, who directed, co-wrote and produced "L.A. Confidential," is taking a shot at another flinty cop thriller. Hanson now holds rights to
"New Hope for the Dead," "Sideswipe," "The Way We Die Now" and "The Shark Infested Custard." He may also seek remake rights to "Miami Blues," the only Moseley novel that became a feature film -- the 1990 George Armitage picture with thesp Fred Ward playing the series gumshoe.

Hanson, who's known for high-profile adaptations of literary material like the Michael Chabon novel, "Wonder Boys," is developing the Willeford novels through his shingle, Deuce Three Prods., with producing partner Carol Fenelon.

Robinson Devor's adaptation of Willeford's novel, "The Woman Chaser," won the audience award at the 2000 South by Southwest Film Fest.

And filmmaker Mark Bailey, who has done work on various HBO docus, has just optioned another Willeford novel, "The Burnt Orange Heresy." It's the story of a psychotic and murderous art critic, who, in an effort to make a lasting name for himself, tracks down the greatest painter in the world, now a hermit living in rural Florida.


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