RARA-AVIS: Top Hardboiled Characters

From: MysteryMarkBest@aol.com
Date: 14 Apr 2002

I'm just catching up on the last few digests. I'm only adding ones I didn't see, but I just read a week's worth of digests, so forgive me if I repeat someone else:

Brock "The Roc" Callahan (series, William Campbell Gualt) Matt Helm (series, Donald Hamilton) Nate Heller (series, Max Allen Collins) Keller (short stories/novel, Lawrence Block) Jim Rockford (TV series) Toby Peters (series, Stuart Kaminsky) Milan Jacovich (series, Les Roberts) Burke (series, Andrew Vachss) Griff and Fats (series, Gary Lovisi) Nathaniel Rose (short stories, Michael Bracken) Streeter (series, Michael Stone)

Mark Best

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