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From: abc ( abc@wt.net)
Date: 13 Apr 2002

Sorry about the blank message. I hit the "enter" key by mistake, and there it went.

Here's the question, which I'm passing on for a friend:

Our friend, Fred Patten, has asked for help in tracking down some stories. Any replies may be sent to fredpatten@earthlink.net:

"...there are very few genuine noir mysteries featuring talking animals. It is padded with plenty of pastiches and comedies including "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and lots of the
"pet detective" stories about the cats and dogs of human amateur detectives who secretly help their "companions" behind their backs; Carole Nelson Douglas' "Midnight Louie" series, Rita Mae Brown's "Mrs. Murphy" series, and so on.

However, I had to omit one particularly unusual-seeming series because I could not find out enough information about it. June Moffatt, can you help with your Bouchercon contacts? This is Christopher Reed's "Manx McCatty" series:
"The Big Scratch: A Manx McCatty Mystery" (Ballantine Books 1988), "Die Katzen-Gang: Ein Katzenkrimi mit Manx McCatty"
(Bastei Lubbe Verlag 1995), and "Der Fluch der Weissen Katze: Ein Katzen Krimi mit Manx McCatty" (Bastei Lubbe Verlag 1996). Why one novel published in America and two in Germany seven and eight years later? The Library of Congress and the Deutsche Bibliothek confirm that these are the only three published -- or possible two, since "Der Fluch der Weissen Katze" could be a translation of "The Big Scratch". That was a Ballantine original paperback now out of print, described in one brief synopsis as "A feline sleuth investigates white cat slavery in San Francisco". Another describes it as a talking-animal pastiche of hard-boiled P.I. novels. I do not read German, so the only information I can glean from the summaries of the two novels on the Amazon.de website is that they are also set in San Francisco."

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