Re: RARA-AVIS: er, whatever

From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 13 Apr 2002

Richard wrote:
> On another topic, some of you may be selling Ms Thompson short on her
> bird/penis theory. There is a slang expression for masturbation:
> his chicken."

I am familiar with the expression (the power of Hollywood/US media in general should not be underestimated). I also recall a famous image from Classical Roman times which is literally a penis with wings (it looks a lot like a plucked - and beheaded - chicken, in fact). I still believe it's a big stretch (ahem) to think that an author who names a female character Birdie had dicks in mind, either consciously OR subconsciously.(Nobody so far has brought up the alternative word for rooster, I notice. Perhaps that would just complicate the issue further).

Rene - PS When I said I recall the image from Classical times, I didn't mean to imply I'd actually been around at the time.

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