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From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 07 Apr 2002

> When called to task on Marlowe's alleged latent homosexuality in
> MY LOVELY, Chandler said (this is paraphrase from memory):
> That's certain kind of neurotic in America that understand that men
can be
> friends and not homosexual.
> Kent Westmoreland
As my last word on this topic I'll mention that when I was a younger fella many people (particularly women) who first met me thought that I was gay. It didn't bother me but I was rather bemused by this so I'd ask why people thought this to be the case. Every reply mentioned the fact that I was very skinny (at that time). Some would mention how I spoke
(not like a bloke who plays football & has a blue collar job) & that I had short hair (still a bit of a novelty in the late '70's & early
'80's). Please do not ask me what thinness has to do with sexuality - the hair is slightly more understandable. At that time, except for old fellers who'd fought in WWII, the only guys with short hair were gays,
"trendys" & "punk rockers" & I guess for "normal" people these artificial labels were hard to distinguish. On the other hand, I discussed this at the time with an older woman friend of mine (one who had many gay friends) & she thought it was hilarious - "But Rene, you're such a BOY!" she said. I don't spend any time thinking about it but I mainly accept only 1 piece of evidence about someone's sexuality - who
(or what) they sleep with.The rest is just bullshit.


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