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From: Michael Robison (
Date: 07 Apr 2002

kent said:
> > When called to task on Marlowe's alleged latent homosexuality in
> FAREWELL, MY LOVELY, Chandler said (this is paraphrase from memory):
> > That's certain kind of neurotic in America that understand that men can
> > friends and not homosexual.

******************************************************* here's the link:

here are a couple marlowe quotes about red in FML:

"He had the eyes you never see, that you only read about. Violet eyes. Almost purple. Eyes like a girl, a lovely girl. His skin was soft as silk. Lightly reddened, but it would never tan. It was too delicate.His hair was that shade of red that glints with gold."
"He smiled a slow tired smile. His voice was soft, dreamy, so delicate for a big man that it was startling. It made me think of another soft-voiced big man I had strangely liked."
****** the quotes sound pretty convincing. the whole synario reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from god knows where:

"the devil can quote his purpose from the bible."

i ascribe to rene's "bullshit" theory.

and hey, everybody! just got back from our first weekend on the lake! hot damn! the season is here again! WAHOOOOO!!! the boat floats!


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