Re: RARA-AVIS: Voting Procedures

From: M Blumenthal (
Date: 26 Mar 2002

 I'd like to suggest, however, that
> we each reserve at least ten of those positions for
> characters whom we objectively believe (to the degree
> that we can be objective) to be important in the
> history of hard-boiled crime fiction. This leaves
> each of us with ten to vote our own personal
> preferences.
> By "important" I mean a character's who's been a
> trend-setter, who has been persistently popular over a
> long period of time, who is generally critically
> acclaimed, or some combination.


The official title of the list will be The 100 BEST Characters in Hard Boiled Written Literaure Since 1900.

That means we will not be voting for the most popular characters, nor do they have to be the most influential or critically acclaimed. This list, with the bulk of its attention on books of the past, should be well qualified to include characters from publications from 1932 as well as 2002 and all the years in between. Those voting should choose those characters they feel are the most interesting or well drawn. that they are familiar with. I don't think they should vote for a character just because they have read that character is very important or is from a book they have heard is a classic. It is up to the voter to decide for himself or herself what characters are best. Mark

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