RARA-AVIS: LOA Chandler books

From: William Denton ( buff@pobox.com)
Date: 26 Mar 2002

I bought LATER NOVELS AND OTHER WRITINGS today, the second of the Library of America's two Chandler collections. If you need new Chandlers, these are the ones to get. This one's $35 USD ($45 CAN) and the first one is about the same. That's not cheap, but it works out to be a lot less than buying the stuff individually in those overpriced Vintage trade paperback editions. This second volume has THE LADY IN THE LAKE, THE LITTLE SISTER, THE LONG GOODBYE, and PLAYBACK, plus the screenplay for DOUBLE INDEMNITY and then "The Simple Art of Murder," a few other short essays, and some letters. Now that's a collection!

People outside North America must have other choices, but in the US and Canada I'd certainly recommend these for anyone new to the field who wants to build up a collection of classic stuff. If you want to hunt down old paperbacks, that's fine, but if you're getting them new, go for these.

My only regret in buying these is that Chandler has fallen off the list of authors by whom there are more than ten books in my library.


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