Re: RARA-AVIS: top characters

Date: 21 Mar 2002

I second Pinky and Pete Bondurant would like to nominate:

Jack Carter, series Ted Lewis - but specially Get Carter (Jack's Return Home in print) Detective Sergeant Department of Unexplained Deaths - Derek Raymond's Factory series. Bigelow (?) - Consumptive, club footed, small of stature hit man from Thompson's Savage Night. This Gun For Sale - the hair lipped fellah - this is gonna need some reseach I can see - anyway I do nominate all of the above....

A note on rules. I think the usual way these are done is by asking for everyone's top ten then awarding Ten points for each first place nine for each second place etc... The idea being that you get more of a consensus view and a personal weighting with more consideration and thought given to everyone's own choices (imagine how hard you would think to whittle down your own choices to ten!!). So three people picking Dick Contino as their fave would outvote twenty nine Dudley Smith tenth places ---- does this make sense?? BTW, I am very happy to volunteer to do the necessary if no-one else wants to....... Cheers All Colin in England

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