RE: RARA-AVIS: Re: poppa and pauline

From: Robison Michael R CNIN (
Date: 13 Mar 2002

>rene said:
>I haven't re-read all the posts on this topic but it seems there may be
>some semantic confusion going on over the word "romantic", with the
>literary & colloquial meanings being interchanged. Describing Marlowe as
>a romantic doesn't (necessarily) mean that he's a horndog or lovestruck.

yes it does. or maybe we're just using two different dictionaries, rene, but mine has this under romance: love, romantic involvement. a strong, usually short- lived attachment or enthusiasm. a love affair.

romantic, of course, is "of, pertaining to, or characteristic of romance." thats coming from the new college edition of the american heritage dictionary of the english language. but not a big deal anyway. i understand the more formal connotation that you are referring to. i just had to harass you. ;-)

hey! you are loading up the list this morning, aren't you! whoops! thats evening time for you, huh? does your wife ever peek at the screen to make sure you're not chatting with a girl friend? ;-)


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