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From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 13 Mar 2002

Miker said:

> you are right, of course. spade wasn't big on acting mushy
> but he had a strong romantic interest in the femme fatale,
> didn't he? thats one of the reasons he was helping her. and
> he kept rolling the possibilities over in his head, and i
> believe that at the end if he thought she wouldn't run off
> on him, that maybe he would have lied to keep her outa jail.
> and marlowe... well. i've only read _the big sleep_, so i'm
> not well-versed on him, but remember when that hot little
> sternwood slut showed up in his bed naked? and after she
> left he ripped the bed apart. i think that was a bit of
I haven't re-read all the posts on this topic but it seems there may be some semantic confusion going on over the word "romantic", with the literary & colloquial meanings being interchanged. Describing Marlowe as a romantic doesn't (necessarily) mean that he's a horndog or lovestruck. I must say that I totally disagree with your notion that Spade would let his femme fatale go free if he thought he could trust her. I think he made it quite clear that his code called for him to avenge his partner & also to put criminals away. That's what detectives (even private ones, in this case) do & Spade defines himself according to what he does. He's a detective.He may indulge in a little speculation but to my mind there's no doubt about what he will do, even if Brigid (IIRC her name) thinks she may have a chance - her charms certainly worked on Miles & look where that got him.

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