RARA-AVIS: O'Connor quickly and films

From: Mbdlevin@aol.com
Date: 13 Mar 2002

Jim Beaver writes:

<< The O'Connor story is on my TBR pile. Is it too old to be worthy of a
 spoiler warning? >>

Any ending deserves a spoiler, but the spoiling revelation doesn't hurt "A Good Man" too too much. If you want another hard, unspoiled O'Connor story try my favorite: "Good Country People." On O'Connor, it's worth remembering that John "Maltese Falcon" Huston adapted O'Connor's first novel, "Wise Blood," to film. And now that I'm on film, I'll point out that I recently saw in theaters two classic film noirs, both adapted from print material, that seem to be making the rounds. Well worth getting out for: "Night of the Hunter," and less well-known, "Nightmare Alley" (with Tyrone Power, a carny-con man story).


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