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Date: 12 Mar 2002


Re your comment below:

> The Lady in the Lake [working titles: Law Is Where
> You Buy It; The Girl
> from Brunette's; Goldfish; The Golden Anklet; Deep
> in Dark Waters]: Bay
> City Blues, The Lady in the Lake, No Crime in the
> Mountains

I know that Durham regarded "No Crime in the Mountains" as one of the "cannibalized" stories because Chandler failed to include it in his
"official" short story collection THE SIMPLE ART OF MURDER. However, Chandler didn't exclude it for this reason. According to letter he wrote when he was deciding what to include in the collection, he excluded it because he thought the plotline (wartime espionage by the Axis powers) dated it, and he didn't want to re-write it into a more contemprary Cold War theme. Moreover, the only elements that "No Crime" has in common with LADY are the small-town setting and the colorful rural cop character, and both of these elements were already present in the short story version of "Lady," so there was no need for Chandler to poach them from "No Crime."
> The High Window [working title: The Brasher
> Doubloon]: Pearls Are a
> Nuisance

That's one I never heard. Since the short story is sort of a take-off on the S.S. Van Dine style of writing, it never occurred to me that it was the basis of WINDOW. Since it made the cut into SIMPLE ART, apparently Chandler didn't regard it as "cannibilzed," either.
> Zone of Twilight [original title of what later
> became Playback]: Guns at
> Cyrano's, Nevada Gas

I'd always heard that PLAYBACK was a novelization of an unproduced movie script, not an expansion of two short stories. It's been awhile since I read the stories, but I don't recall any similarities between them and PLAYBACK jumping out at me. Does anyone who's read them more recently have any comments?



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