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From: ksm (
Date: 20 Feb 2002

that's the exact omnibus i just picked up to reread "rogue cop!"! looks like "seven file" just moved near the top of my TBR pile...thanks for identifying the city, i did wonder whether it was based on an actual place or not. really enjoyed "rogue cop", particularly the kind of relentless grinding pace - i think mike carmody got maybe 4 hours sleep the whole time. maybe a bit more "romantic" (at the end anyway) than "fast one", another book with a lot of backroom corruption which IIRC has a similar pace. made me think way back to "the glass key" as well somehow.

(SN to distinguish from other kevin smith in canada)

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> Following up on the Philly thread, I got a hold of a used copy of Police
> Special, the title of a collection of three novels by William P.
> McGivern (Rogue Cop, The Seven File, and The Darkest Hour). Rogue Cop
> takes place in a slightly revised and unnamed Philadelphia, with
> references to Market Street, Broad Street, Fairmount Park, Center City,
> the Northeast, City Hall, and even the Phillies.

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