Re: RARA-AVIS: Croupier (spoilers)

From: Graham Powell (
Date: 23 Jan 2002

From: "Carrie Pruett" <>
> All very interesting, but how was he played? The casino robbery appeared
> be foiled, so where did the money come from? Am I completely
> the movie?

Spoilers ahead...

My take is that the South African woman and the croupier's father arranged the robbery, including placing Clive Owen in his job, getting him to fall for the woman, etc., for some shadowy third party, so they (the father and all) got their money up front whether the robbery came off or not. So his father urging him back into the casino (where he already wanted to go) was really for the father's benefit - although it worked out for the croupier as well.

I should say that like most really good movies, I felt that enjoying CROUPIER didn't depend on a "understanding" what was going on, although I was definitely trying to figure out everything while I was watching it. A terrific film.

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