RARA-AVIS: dogs of god

From: Robison Michael R CNIN ( Robison_M@crane.navy.mil)
Date: 08 Jan 2002

well i posted about an "obscure" book by earl thompson and immediately got two posts on it. i should have known better than to think i could come up with something no one had read. haha.

so i tried to think up some other "obscure" title to mention. the _dogs of god_ came to mind, by pinckney benedict. but i believe i've seen reference to benedict in here before.

detectives and police aren't a big part of this book either, but i'm guessing that it is totally hard boiled. the fight scene was good, but i think the best scene in the book featured a pack of wild pigs laying waste to a house. ugly, powerful, savage, and brutal.

mark and jim have got me thinking about the hardboiled genre, and i'm starting to see a lot more examples of books i wouldn't have thought of as hb earlier. for instance, hemingway's _to have and have not_ is hb. and some of his stories are too. obviously "the killers" is, and maybe some of the nick adams stories, too.


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