Re: RARA-AVIS: Down By the River

From: Michael Robison (
Date: 19 Dec 2001

lets see... if i recall nick is still sucking down the drinks and i recall him getting pretty drunk one evening at the diner and being useless to his girlfriend later that night, but i also recall him controlling himself and being happy about it. i'd say he's much more functional in _shame the devil_. the only other one i've read is _the sweet forever_, and the BIG difference i notice is that the drug usage is cut way back in _shame the devil_.

i hope this is right... so many books.


william said:

> If you want a change of pace, read this one after an AA-era Matt Scudder
> story (but not HOPE TO DIE). Stefanos has almost completely lost it by
> this book, and he's bingeing and blacking out. Can someone remind me of
> what he's like in SHAME THE DEVIL? That's set in 1996, presumably shortly
> after DOWN BY THE RIVER. I remember he's still detecting, but I can't
> remember what shape his life was in. Was it in that book or THE SWEET
> FOREVER in 1986 that he and someone (Johnny McGinnes?) go up to the house
> that's got some criminals in it, and he gets a hinky feeling?

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